Albéa Tips Studio: 10 years of expertise in innovative and tailor-made applicators for beauty brands worldwide

Published: 4-Mar-2024

In 2014, Albéa Tips Studio was created in Bottanuco, Italy, to meet the growing demand from beauty brands for brushes and applicators. 10 years later, Albéa Tips Studio is a recognised expertise centre, providing worldwide makeup and skin care brands with custom and fast solutions

Albéa Tips Studio brings brands' original ideas to life, whether in terms of plastic or fiber brushes, eyeliners, lip glosses or skin care applicators. The close collaboration during the whole process enables the team to understand their needs, constraints, and objectives. Aline Roland, Marketing Director Albéa Cosmetics and Fragrance, explains:

“Every brand is unique, so as our Albéa Tips Studio solutions. Nearly everything is possible as we can play with different shapes of brushes and applicators as well as materials to develop tailor-made products that will help makeup and skin care brands stand out in their market.”

Albéa Tips Studio provides a 360° service:

  • Innovation, development, and production
  • A comprehensive library of fiber and plastic brushes
  • Fast prototyping capabilities
  • A makeup test laboratory to evaluate the trio applicator - wiper – formula
  • A broad range of stock item

Albéa Tips Studio offers time-to-market service - Speed is at the heart of the studio’s approach as brands need short development times to remain competitive in their markets. The team can develop fiber brushes in just a few hours and produce them within only one month.

Albéa Tips Studio is a worldwide service - To answer different customers’ needs, the service has been extended to the Americas in Albéa Matamoros, Mexico, and Asia.

For 10 years, Albéa Tips Studio has been offering worldwide makeup and skin care brands unique, time-to-market solutions.

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