LEHVOSS Personal Care to offer high-quality botanical solutions from Unigen, Inc. in key personal care markets in Europe

Published: 19-May-2023

LEHVOSS Personal Care and Unigen, Inc. are proud to announce a new distribution partnership across most of Europe for Unigen Beauty’s clinically proven and patented naturally derived active ingredients

Capable of restoring skin health and beauty without compromising safety, Unigen’s range of high-quality botanical solutions are obtained through Unigen’s proprietary Phytologix® Platform. The PhytoLogix® platform is a combination of nature, science, traditional medicinal botanicals, and dermatological screening technology, allowing Unigen to deliver the highest quality to its customers.

Through this partnership six of Unigen Beauty’s ingredients have been added to the LEHVOSS Personal Care portfolio: Bakutrol®, an anti-acne solution; Soliprin™ for anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and protection against UV-induced stress; Uniflavon™, an anti-irritant; Preservatin™ an antimicrobial booster; Sveltrol™ for body firming; and Lumicyn™ for hyperpigmentation. Lumicyn™ is Unigen’s latest innovation that is launching at in-cosmetics and can be found in the Innovation Zone (115) and Sensory Bar.  

“Unigen’s expertise and portfolio of high performing active ingredients are completely aligned with our focus on supporting our customers with safe, innovative, and sustainable solutions,” says Dr. Michael Lütke, Global Director of the LEHVOSS Personal Care Business. “The Unigen solutions address many of today’s main skin concerns such as such skin ageing, skin sensitivity, and skin protection against UV exposure.”

”We are extremely excited to have developed the strategic partnership with LEHVOSS Personal Care and bring Unigen’s patented and clinically proven ingredients to the European market,” says Dr. Qi Jia, Unigen’s President and CEO. “Unigen and LEHVOSS will co-promote 6 bioactives at in-cosmetics Global, with ingredients featured at the Sensory Bar, Innovation Zone, Unigen’s booth K91 and LEHVOSS’ booth Z50.”

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