Kourtney Kardashian backs California’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act as Governor gets approval

By Becky Bargh | 4-Sep-2020

The TV reality star took to Twitter to express her support for the act after it passed Senate and Assembly approval last week

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian has publicly thrown her weight behind California’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act.

The landmark bill, if passed, will ban the use of certain chemicals in cosmetics in the state.

This includes formaldehyde, mercury, ammonium and methylene glycol.

Last week, bill AB 2762 passed Senate and Assembly approval with unanimous votes in favour, meaning it will now be passed onto Governor Gavin Newsom to sign the legislation.

“The Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act is another step closer to becoming law,” wrote the 41-year old on Twitter.

In a second Tweet she directed it at Newsom: “What are toxic chemicals like #mercury and #formaldehyde doing in cosmetics anyway?

“@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom can led the way by banning these ingredients from personal care products sold in California, just like the EU #AB2762.”

Meanwhile, in a press statement released by activist group the Environmental Working Group (EWG), its President Ken Cook encouraged Newsom to take action.

“This marks a momentous milestone in the history of cosmetics regulation,” he said.

“California is the first state to ban ingredients from personal care products.

“And for the first time, groups like EWG and the industry’s trade association, the Personal Care Products Council, support legislation to modernise the rules governing these everyday products.

“We urge Gov. Newsom to sign this absolutely necessary legislation into law.”

The bill will come into force on 1 January 2025 if passed.

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