Kim Kardashian in hot water over SKKN ‘greenwashing’ claims

By Becky Bargh | Published: 16-Jun-2022

SKKN, the beauty entrepreneur’s debut skin care brand, has left consumers angered at the amount of ‘wasteful’ packaging

Kim Kardashian’s launch of her debut skin care brand SKKN has not had the smoothest entrance into the market.

Along with accusations that the TV reality star poached the beauty brand name from SKKN+ founder Cydnie Lunsford, the fashion and beauty entrepreneur has now been called out for greenwashing.

SKKN will hit the market with nine skus, including a face cream, eye cream, cleanser and toner, that claim to be ‘a new era of skin care’ and which use sustainable refillable packaging.

Customers, however, have been quick to call out SKKN for being “wasteful”, due to excess packaging.

In a post on SKKN’s Instagram channel, Kardashian shows how to refill the new cleanser, but consumers were left angered by the video, which appears to show a solid pack being replaced into another outer layer.

SKKN's full line-up of products

SKKN's full line-up of products

“Why does that standalone pump with a dispenser need to go into another container?” one customer commented.

“Personally I would just buy the refill, the container doesn’t do anything, it’s just waste,” another wrote.

Among the most damning comments, one user said: “This is the least sustainable ritual I have ever seen.”

While another simply wrote: “What the F**K?”

Kardashian’s new line is expected to go live on 20 June, exclusively via

Cosmetics Business has contacted Coty for comment.

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