JAKA's experts explain their latest product, Biomenta BF

Published: 5-Jun-2023

Regarding our new product Biomenta BF, JAKA's expert answers the questions that people in the cosmetics industry are more concerned about

1. Advantages of applied product compared to the existing technologies and services?

Self-isolated strains, patented strains and identified as "Bifidobacterium adolescent" by 16srRNA. The world's first original UVAP7 fibroblast model, which can take into account both natural ageing and photoaging. Biomimetic staged fermentation technology and low-temperature non-destructive wall-breaking process to efficiently enrich active ingredients. Cell-level anti-ageing, the skin regains its youthful appearance.

2. How can the applied product give the positive impact to the existing product category and contribute raising the level of technologies in market?

Bifida ferment is a well-known skin care ingredient for consumers, but no raw material company has conducted research on its strain and mechanism of action.

JAKA conducted a comprehensive study on the strains and identified a specific age-related strain "Bifidobacterium adolescent", and obtained intracellular active ingredients and extracellular fermentation ingredients through unique processing. After the comprehensive ageing index evaluation of the UVAP7 model, Biomenta BF verified cell-level anti-aging from the perspective of cell nucleus, organelle function, and cell ageing secretion phenotype. In the efficacy verification, the in vitro and clinical evaluation are organically combined, which more scientifically corresponds to the ageing skin data of the relevant age group.

Biomenta BF not only clarifies the mechanism of action of Bifida ferment, but also clarifies that the core active ingredients are the nucleic acid in the cell of the strain and the amino acid of the extracellular product. The efficacy verification is more scientific, the effective substance is more accurate, the clinical data is more convincing, and the technical level is higher than that of the industry.

3. Which 17 Goals or 169 Targets in SDGs do you think the applied product can contribute?

JAKA has contributed to each of the 17 SDG goals. (Please refer to the website) Specific to the raw material of Biomenta BF, in addition to the overall goal of JAKA, but also targeted at the sixth, ninth and 12th goals in SDGs.

4. How can the applied product be expected to contribute to the sustainability of Earth Resources and 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)?

The strains used by Biomenta BF are independently isolated from the human intestine, and do not involve plant resources, and other raw and auxiliary materials used in the development process will not cause negative impacts on earth resources. Clinical or in vitro substitution experiments are used in both safety and efficacy testing, fully complying with the 3R principle, and the product has finally obtained the COSMOS natural license.

5. How can the applied product contribute to the sustainable service in society or in cosmetics industry, product development, technological innovation?

Adhere to the 3R principles and adhere to the development goals of SDGs in the development process. In terms of technological innovation and mechanism, it pays more attention to the frontier research of life science, and adopts innovative extraction technology to effectively enrich ingredients.

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