Issada’s Vitamin C Serum is pure and powerful

Published: 16-Jun-2021

In partnership with Issada

This potent 25% Vitamin C serum is the result of science being used to create a highly effective way of treating the signs of ageing and protecting the skin from sun damage and the effects of pollution.

Daily use will visibly brighten skin tone, improve the appearance of fine lines, protect the skin against free-radical damage, increase hydration, and assist in keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

The Issada Clinical Formula uses a super-stable oil-soluble form of Vitamin C which provides increased effectiveness while soothing the skin.

The increased efficacy of the Issada formula is because Vitamin C Isopalmitate has superior skin-penetration power with 10 times the ability of pure ascorbic acid to penetrate - and our formula provides the equivalent of 25% ascorbic acid!

We deliver all this without the need for an acidic pH making it suitable for all skin types except those with acne.

To add even more goodness to our formula we include hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture levels and deliver a softer skin texture, few lines and wrinkles and a plumper, smoother complexion.

Before you use this 25% Vitamin C serum, we recommend that you build the strength and integrity of your skin by using our 10% Vitamin C serum for two to four weeks before moving on to the restorative power of our 25% Vitamin C serum.

As always, Issada’s products care about our world, being cruelty free, paraben free, vegan and free from palm and palm derivatives. It’s Australian made too.

RRP: $73. Go to to find your nearest stockist or to order.

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