Israel’s Bryhel Cosmetic Lab opens operations in US

By Julia Wray | Published: 18-Aug-2022

The manufacturer is seeking to reach new brand clients through its Miami base

Israel-founded Bryhel Cosmetic Lab is poised to open a US base in Miami, Florida.

A contract business, which covers cosmetics, skin care and hair care brands from inception to distribution, Bryhel said its Miami location will enable it to better service its existing client base.

It will also expand its reach to new brands with a more robust and accessible team.

“I am so passionate about the beauty industry and I love working with brands to create new and innovative ways to bring effective formulas and products to beauty enthusiasts” said Bryhel’s founder, Defne Arikan.

“I knew it was imperative for us to open a US operation in order to be able to better service our clients in different time zones.

“Our goal is not only to extend our services in a new geographical area, but also to ease the manufacturing process and the behind-the-scenes process for brands.”

Bryhel Cosmetic Lab was founded in 2003, and Bryhel manufactured products are said to retail via the likes of Sephora, Ulta and Target.

The company is said to be interested in meeting with other US-based labs for partnerships.

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