Inolex Launches Sustainable BTAC Replacement AminoSensyl Ultra MB

Published: 28-Mar-2023

Breakthrough amino lipid technology delivers 100% natural eco-friendly conditioning

Inolex has launched AminoSensylTM Ultra MB (INCI Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate). The breakthrough amino lipid technology is rooted in green chemistry and designed for performance to deliver a 100% natural, sustainable replacement for behentrimonium chloride (BTAC).

“This is a step change innovation for the industry,” said Lisa Gandolfi, PhD, VP Marketing. “We are giving brands the ultimate tool in hair strengthening and conditioning to confidently replace BTAC. AminoSensylTM Ultra MB presents equivalent high performance with a superior safety and environmental profile to effectively displace unsustainable conditioning agents.”

AminoSensylTM Ultra MB is an optimised ratio of the cationic amino lipid Brassicyl Valinate Esylate and Cetearyl Alcohol. The biobased conditioning system provides deep moisturisation and strengthening across multiple hair types, ranging from straight to coily, and hair states, ranging from healthy to damaged. Designed with green chemistry principles, AminoSensylTM Ultra MB is an eco-friendly, non-quat technology that is gentle to scalp, eyes, and skin and is readily biodegradable and safe for aquatic environments. Further, the ingredient is pre-neutralised, offering formulation flexibility for easy processing.

“This game changing technology results from delivering Inolex’s proprietary amino lipid molecule from a precisely tuned lamellar liquid crystal (LC) matrix,” said Michael J. Fevola, PhD, VP Research & Development. “The advanced cationic LC systems made possible with AminoSensylTM Ultra MB enable formulators to develop robust conditioning products that deliver high performance sensory benefits without the need for silicones.”

AminoSensylTM Ultra MB is derived from responsibly sourced, renewable natural feedstocks including RSPO Mass Balance certified palm and Bonsucro certified sugarcane. The ingredient contains 100% USDA Certified Biobased content and has an ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index of 1.0; is COSMOS and NATRUE Approved; and is Halal certified, Kosher compliant, vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals.

“This is an ideal hair care ingredient for brands with a strong interest in sustainability, naturality, and innovation. It gives brands an opportunity to create products with luxury textures and deep conditioning to smooth, define, and strengthen hair—all with sustainable performance at their core,” notes Gandolfi.

To request more information or sample AminoSensylTM Ultra MB, visit or contact your Inolex representative.

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