Iggesund invests in lowering fossil carbon emissions

Published: 1-Nov-2011

Paperboard mill energy systems to run on biofuel

Paperboard manufacturer Iggesund has announced it is to lower its fossil carbon emissions at its paperboard mills in Sweden and the UK after investing €361m in new energy technology which will see both mills operate using biofuel. Once the energy transfer has taken place, Iggesund says the mills will have the lowest carbon emissions in the world.

“We’re increasing efficiency and ensuring our long-term energy supply,” commented Guy Mallinson, European director of sales. “In this context it’s natural for us to move to bioenergy because there is a risk that fossil fuels will become scarcer and more expensive in the future, not least due to political targets to lower fossil carbon emissions. Major brand owners are insisting on getting information about our carbon footprint, even though they are not communicating that information any further at the moment. But their interest does indicate that a good environmental record could become a stronger selection criterion in the future.”

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