How to create a fast fashion fragrance


The company behind Missguided's best-selling fragrance Babe Power talks perfume creation for the masses

How to create a fast fashion fragrance

This year, fast fashion retailer Missguided made fragrance history: its debut scent Babe Power sold out in under three hours to become the fastest-selling scent through The Fragrance Shop.

Until then, perfume was considered the domain of established fragrance houses and celebrities; at a push consumers might indulge in a new scent while browsing for clothes in Zara or Reiss.

Vipul Vadera

Vipul Vadera

But fragrance from an online-only retailer was unknown territory...

Vipul Vadera is the CEO of Per-Scent, the creative team behind Babe Power. Today Per-Scent boasts a turnover of around £60m and supplies fragrances, skin care and cosmetics to over 5,000 retailers.

Here he discusses the thought process behind the launch, which has paved the way for own-brand cosmetics debuts from the likes of competitors such as ASOS, boohoo and Pull & Bear.

Why are fast fashion retailers taking an interest in own-brand fragrance and cosmetics?
The fast fashion foray into own-brand fragrance and cosmetics is a natural progression for this type of retailer. It means they are able to offer loyal customers a chance to experience their brand in the beauty market and can give them a quick solution at a great price.

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What do you think consumers want from a fragrance created by a fast fashion retailer?
Fast fashion is the ‘go-to’ for millennials and Generation Z consumers, and fragrance purchasing within this category is no different. Our experience of these demographic groups is that...

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