How IV injections are taking off in beauty


Novel delivery systems are creating the next generation of beauty products as Bianca Estelle, founder Vitamin Injections London, explains

via Instagram/@chrissyteigen

via Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Bianca Estelle

Bianca Estelle

How did you start in beauty?

I studied Beauty Therapy and Applied Science and then went on to acquire various science-based qualifications including Pharmacology, DNA testing, nutritional therapy, blood diagnostics and advanced IVNT (intravenous nutrient therapy).

At 19 years old I was working with doctors at The Private Clinic of Harley Street and by 20 had my own clinic in Birmingham City Centre. I even trained as a colon hydrotherapist nearly 15 years ago, which might explain why I created vitamin-infused suppositories!

What was the inspiration behind Vitamin Injections London?

I aim to make people more aware of how to harness the power of nutrients both internally and externally.

After many years in medical aesthetics I noticed the best cosmeceutical products contained vitamins and nutrients.

I did some research and discovered IVN had been used in America for many years. I went out and did training, then started treating my clients - mainly for aesthetic reasons.

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Clients whose ...

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