Hallstar showcases photostabilisation science, and more at in-cos Latin America


With our extensive expertise in photostabilisation science, oil-extracted eco-actives innovation and functional naturals development, Hallstar Beauty is making its mark in South America.

We’re looking forward to meeting existing customers and new friends at the upcoming in-cosmetics Latin America event.

Several of the latest technologies from Hallstar’s global product development team will be featured at the São Paulo show.

Launched in April 2019, Sensolene Light ET is the first active emollient unifying two concepts:

  • Olive oil-derived “dermollient” benefits
  • The unique anti-oxidant power of olive leaves’ phytomolecules.

Come by our booth or visit the Innovation Zone so you can feel this remarkable new Functional Ingredient for yourself. Its unexpectedly dry, light feel and its substantiated claims have been delighting customers.

Natália Ferraz, Regional Sales Manager for Hallstar Beauty, will deliver a technical seminar on Sensolene Light ET at 5:00pm, Wednesday, September 18.

Micah from Hallstar Beauty, the 2017 Silver Award Winner for Best New Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global, has recently been put through new in vivo clinical testing focused on the unique molecule’s ability to protect skin against UVA and blue light. Results were impressive.

At a use level of 0.5%, Micah demonstrated:

  • 100% reduction in the presence of UVA-induced DNA damage, as measured by presence of the DNA lesion 8 OH-dG, a marker associated with photoaged skin
  • 55% reduction in the presence of IL-6, a marker associated with skin inflammation, redness, irritation and barrier function
  • A 35% reduction in the presence of MMP-1, a marker associated with the breakdown of the extracellular matrix.

Micah blocks the formation of UV- and light-induced oxidative stress that generates reactive, cell-damaging singlet oxygen and the ROS from which other damage follows. That’s why Hallstar calls Micah an “anteoxidant.”

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We hope we’ll see you in São Paulo at the Hallstar booth #A60!

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