Half a year of Brexit: How has the beauty industry adapted to regulatory shifts?

Published: 14-May-2021

Six months after the transition period expired, Alex Fotheringham, Operations Director – Cosmetics of MSL Solution Providers, reflects on the regulatory changes and the issues that have arisen as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU

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Despite having officially left the European Union 18 months ago, it is only in the past six that the true effects of the UK’s withdrawal have been felt. Indeed, once the transition period ended, it became clear that a large part of the cosmetics and personal care industry in both the UK and EU was ill prepared for the post-Brexit regulatory requirements.

You might question why these brands and manufacturers did not take steps to get ready. After all, following the emphatic vote to ‘get Brexit done’ in the December 2019 General Election, the UK’s exit seemed assured. However, the negotiations and transition period were very uncertain throughout, and despite the Government announcing plans and timelines, many remained unconvinced that anything would actually happen.

Thankfully, there were no surprises in the implementation of the changes and in fact, everything that did change was known well in advance (at least a year). This provided ample time to prepare and those who did so have benefitted over the past six months.

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