Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin creates chaos for indie beauty brand Rhodes Skincare

By Alessandro Carrara 20-Jun-2022

"I am to be muddled with someone who has not the same ethics and certainly no manners, just stamping all over a small business, because of being famously married to Justin Bieber”

Rhodes Skincare was founded in 2004 by sisters Annabel and Penny Rhodes

Rhodes Skincare was founded in 2004 by sisters Annabel and Penny Rhodes

Confused fans of Hailey Bieber have left a small beauty business thousands of pounds out of pocket after mistaking Rhodes Skincare name.

Bieber, the supermodel and wife of Justin Bieber, released her long-awaited skin care line Rhode Skin on 15 June, but eager consumers wrongly purchased products from the indie brand.

Launched in 2004 by 75-year-old entrepreneur Annabel Rhodes and her sister Penny, Rhodes Skincare is a UK-based natural beauty brand that specialises in plant cell technology.

Within minutes of Bieber’s website going live, Cosmetics Business has learned that Rhodes Skincare was hit by a flurry of mass orders, including nine large orders with a value of more than £2,000.

This was shortly followed by cancellation emails as customers realised they had mixed up the two brands.

Rhodes said this has significantly affected the business as its previous policy meant it paid a percentage of the refund cost.

Annabel Rhodes said the company had to shut down shipping to the US over two days as it revised its returns policy to protect the business.

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Visitors to the site also leapt by 94% to over 10,000 on the same day Bieber’s brand launched, ...

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