Geltor unveils CAVIANCE, a vegan type II collagen polypeptide offering skin rejuvenating benefits

Published: 2-Jun-2023

CAVIANCE is a type II sturgeon collagen polypeptide made with precision fermentation, certified vegan and cruelty-free

Demonstrated rejuvenating benefits include stimulating six distinct types of collagens, powerful antioxidant properties, and wound healing benefits.

Sturgeon is a primitive species of fish with a near-flawless code for survival; their type II collagen code is rich in signalling domains suggesting key skin renewal benefits.

Earlier this month, Geltor debuted their latest bioactive protein ingredient for beauty, CAVIANCE™. Vegan and cruelty-free, CAVIANCE™ is the first type II sturgeon collagen biodesigned for skin rejuvenation and soothing benefits.

CAVIANCE™ is the trifecta of luxury, sustainability, and science-forward innovation. A novel polypeptide that harnesses the unique properties of type II sturgeon collagen, demonstrating many benefits for skin rejuvenation and soothing. Upon initial in vitro studies, CAVIANCE™ has been shown to stimulate cellular regeneration, boost six different types of collagens, offer antioxidant strength, and wound healing benefits.

"Our objective was to find a protein sequence for skin rejuvenation benefits. Inspired by nature and the evolutionary excellence of the sturgeon species, we found the specific sequence of collagen type II to be rich in signalling domains, suggesting key skin renewal benefits,” said Nick Ouzounov, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, and Co-founder of Geltor. “CAVIANCE™ is a unique bioactive ingredient that has shown the desired performance factors for topical applications.”

The sturgeon is a primitive species of fish, relatively unchanged for over 200 million years. The source of caviar, thus the name CAVIANCE™, the sturgeon is among the most endangered species. CAVIANCE™ is a biodesigned protein made with precision fermentation that is 100% animal-free, certified vegan, and cruelty-free. and meets strict clean beauty standards. For more information on CAVIANCE™, visit

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