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We bring you four formulations with benefits including improved scalp health and hairstyle retention

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest in all things hair.

From improved sclap health to hairstyle retention – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

Lubrizol’s Stimulating Sugar Scrub is a non-foaming, pre-treatment gel featuring a pared-down formula of only eight ingredients. These include Carbopol Ultrez 30 Polymer, to thicken and ensure the suspension of sugar particles; and Actiphyte Papaya Fruit GL80NP, a botanical extract that offers a soothing effect post-exfoliation.

Formulation 2

This Natural & Straightening Hair Spray contains Covestro’s Baycusan eco E 1000 for a greener take on hair styling.


Stir phase A until homogeneous. Add phase B in a separate vessel. Add phase A to phase B under continuous mixing. Check pH. If necessary, adjust pH to 7.0 with NaOH (10% sol.) Add phase C and stir moderately for 15 minutes.

Formulation 3

Containing Solabia Group’s Saniscalp rebalancing scalp purifier, this Soothing & Balancing Foam helps calm sensitive, flake-prone scalps.

Formulation 4

Curl 4 You is an ‘elixir’ from Dow containing Dowsil CE-7081 Smart Style; it is developed to be mixed with a customisable Leave-On Conditioner for a bespoke experience that adds curl retention, definition and memory, while providing flexible hold.


Add Versene Na2 Crystals into water and heat to 70°C using a water bath. Disperse the hydroxyethyl cellulose into the water and mix until homogeneous. To speed dispersion, add two drops of NaOH (18% in water solution) and mix. Add glycerine with gentle mixing.

In a separate vessel, combine phase B ingredients and mix. Heat to 70°C using a water bath. Continue mixing until dissolved. Add phase A to phase B. Keep the wax melted. Stir until homogenous.

Cool to room temperature while gently mixing. In the order listed, add phase C ingredients, mixing well. Adjust pH to 4.4-5. To get the customised conditioner, mix two parts of 4 You Leave-On Conditioner with one part of Curl 4 You elixir using the appropriate spoon and spatula.

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