Responsible beauty with polyurethane film formers

Published: 11-Oct-2019

Now more than ever, consumers are conscious of the sourcing and environmental fate of products they use. This demand from consumers, as well as regulatory pressure, has driven the cosmetics industry to seek out new material solutions that increase natural content of formulae and reduce their environmental impact.

At Covestro we have a solution. Our Baycusan® water-based polyurethane film formers have the unique ability to biodegrade when released into the environment. Polyurethane chemistry also enables the design of polymers based on renewable feedstock.

Containing over 50% of carbon from plant biomass, the new bio-based film former Baycusan® eco line opens up new perspectives for formulators, enabling formulations that combine higher natural content and superior properties.

Gentle peel-off masks and anti-pollution face creams can be created thanks to the Baycusan® protective film that is uniform, flexible, and breathable. By providing excellent water resistance, Baycusan® enables the formulation of long lasting, eco-friendly sun care and makeup products.

Polyurethane film formers also make biodegradable hair styling products possible with flexible hold, style retention, as well as humidity protection. Discover how Baycusan® technology can contribute to eco-conscious and high performing beauty products!

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