Expect the unexpected: Have fun with your beauty routine

Published: 11-Sep-2018

Representing over a quarter of the global population, Millennials are the most influential generation nowadays and the most difficult to define due to their multiple contradictions. They live their lives online but love real-life interactions. They are democratic and inclusive, but ask for exclusivity for themselves. Focused on progress, but have a deep sense of nostalgia.

Considering their personal care, Millennials want to maintain a perfect and protected skin, and look for instant results and fun experiences. In addition to covering specific needs, such as delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and shielding their skin from the harmful effects of pollution, they also value appealing campaigns and products that offer them something extra, a plus.

Lubrizol has created a set of seven formulations intended to satisfy this demanding generation.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED offers a fun and surprising collection of textures that takes care of Millennials’ skin and hair with efficient active ingredients.

Experience heat in a frozen cream with Acai Berry Smoothie Facial Lotion. The application of this colourful smoothie texture, fresh out of the freezer, will surprise your skin with a cold and energising feel that will turn quickly into a warm soft moisturising lotion. A perfect breakfast of superfood extracts for a healthy and radiant look.

At first, Facial Gel-to-Oil Mask feels like a rich gel, but after only a few seconds of application, it transforms into an oily film that deeply nourishes the skin. It can be applied at the beginning or end of the day to provide protection and anti-wrinkle prevention to the skin.

Starting as a clear gel, the initial fresh feel of Dewy Hydrating Clear Facial Cream gives an impression of purity. During the application process the gel turns into the comfort and richness of a cream. The skin becomes nourished and with a healthy glow with a non-sticky after-feel.

With this smooth, pearlised Radiant Tone-up Facial Cream the skin will light up instantly for a hydrated and luminous look while remaining protected from photo-ageing. Don’t worry about your complexion, just embrace your real and virtual lives intensely.

Forget everything and bring back your childhood memories into the bathroom with this In-shower Bubble Gum Body Cream. Despite its fanciful bubble gum texture, this body cream offers serious and reliable nourishment, leaving the skin smooth and supple.

This Sprayable Cleansing Gel for Hair and Body displays the contrasting sensory of a fresh, non-sticky and slimy water gel with the cleansing efficacy of a soap. The perfect companion for your travels that will help you control your environmental footprint.

Made for men or women? No need to decide! The Frosty Bouncy Hair Wax has been designed to meet the needs of all genders and takes on the role of many textures, offering a rich, creamy feel to make styling hair simple. Visual appearance of a wax, with the bounce of a gel.

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