Focus on healthy hair and scalp product testing

Published: 27-Jun-2023

Hair care and maintenance is a trend that continues to grow as consumers seek out products to address specific concerns. These concerns range from hair loss, hair greying, texture, shine and color. The global hair and scalp care market size was valued at USD 97.8 billion in 2023 (grand view research)

Cultural identity can be expressed through hairstyles as well. In addition to having an important societal role, hair has various biological functions including protection, sensory input, thermoregulation, and communication.

Hair protects the scalp from UV rays, and it acts as a sensory tool and conduit for excretion of sebaceous oils. Hair is also important for insulation and warmth in terms of thermoregulation and has been shown to harbour stem cell populations and immune cells which are important for the regenerative capacity of the skin and innate immunity respectively.

The hair follicle itself is an amazingly complex skin appendage that involves many scientific disciplines including biology and nutrition. Healthy hair is important as it can be an indication of one’s overall well-being. Unhealthy, dry, damaged, or grey hair can contribute to increased levels of social anxiety, social insecurity, and self-criticism. Healthy hair is critical to both your physical and mental well-being as it boosts your overall confidence levels and self-esteem.

Eurofins CRL is continuously expanding our testing capabilities to encompass all hair products targeting the creation or maintenance of healthy hair and scalp. We have the capabilities to examine hair growth, strength, reduced shedding, and improvements in hair diameter by taking measurements using global hair counts, image analysis of individual hairs and length analysis.

Eurofins CRL can also evaluate qualitative aesthetics of hair such as shine, frizz, color, and moisture through instrumental measurements as well as subjectively through expert and self-assessment surveys. For scalp analysis, we utilise instrumentation that can measure your products effectiveness on scalp hydration, pH, oiliness, and skin barrier function.

Eurofins CRL is part of a global network with multiple locations, multiethnic panelists, and competitive pricing. We offer a unique and tailored approach to ensure that we meet all of your hair testing and regulatory goals.

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