Experimental Perfume Club introduces refill cartridges

By Julia Wray | Published: 3-Dec-2021

The Twist & Refill cartridges offer EPC customers across the UK the ability to refill

Bespoke fragrance brand Experimental Perfume Club has launched Twist & Refill cartridges.

The niche perfumery label cites environmental awareness as a founding principle, and in-store refills for its 50ml fragrances have been available since Experimental Perfume Club’s launch in 2018.

However, the new Twist & Refill solution, available to purchase online for home delivery, is said to offer Experimental Perfumer Club consumers across the UK the ability to refill.

The refill cartridges include a spout that attaches to the neck of the bottles for easy, mess-free refilling, and because they feature fully-detachable components the cartridges are 100% recyclable, as standard across the brand’s packaging.

The Twist & Refill concept is said to reduce packing by 50% less glass, 65% less plastic and 100% less metal.

Made from dark violet glass, the cartridges protect the product from sunlight, as well as providing an antioxidant barrier, meaning the perfume won’t go ‘off’.

“Doing our very best sustainably has always been a core value of EPC and a long-term goal has been to reduce production significantly and enable consumers to reuse their packaging again and again while rewarding them for doing so,” commented Experimental Perfume Club founder Emmanuelle Moeglin.

“As such, I am delighted that we are finally able to expand on our existing refill service and offer it to customers all over the country.

“Especially within the fragrance category, the majority of the refillable services still require customers to go in store, so we are exuberant to be able to offer such an accessible and affordable service.”

Twist & Refill cartridges will be available across Experimental Perfume Club’s six Essentials Collection fragrances and six eau de parfum Signature Blends.

One 100ml cartridge (£155) refills two full-sized EPC fragrance bottles and, according to the niche perfume maker, saves 60% on the price.

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