Exclusive: Water shortage tops packaging as key consumer concern, says Mintel


Mintel Trends Consultant Richard Cope reveals how findings from the analyst’s newly-released Global Outlook on Sustainability report impact cosmetics companies

Environmental issues become pressing issues of self-preservation

Environmental issues become pressing issues of self-preservation

For its new Global Outlook on Sustainability report, Mintel spent three years surveying consumers’ sustainable attitudes and actions across 16 global markets. 

Here are the standout findings that cosmetics companies should know.  

Reality check: consumers are focused on emissions and resources

Consumers’ growing prioritisation of water shortages as a top three environmental concern (up 8% 2021-3 into third place, behind climate change and air quality, with 35%) reflects how water stress has become a growing reality worldwide.

It is now the world’s fastest-growing concern.

Exposure to extreme weather events and supply line shortages has seen sustainability shift from a “nice to have” premium purchase to an essential issue. 

The ascent of water shortages from fifth to third place in consumers’ priorities over the past three years is symptomatic of a population directly impacted by – as opposed to increasingly informed about – climate change. 

This marks a new era where environmental issues become pressing issues of self-preservation and a desire to conserve resources for future resilience.

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