Estée Lauder puts women leaders first with new charitable fund

By Alessandro Carrara 9-May-2022

The fund aims to challenge the gender stereotypes of leadership

Estée Lauder puts women leaders first with new charitable fund

Estée Lauder has launched the Estée Lauder Emerging Leaders (ELEL) Fund, which aims to redefine the company’s leadership by supporting a new generation of emerging women leaders.

It intends to support global organisations that provide opportunities for leadership development, cultivate supportive communities and advocate for emerging leaders which have a ‘daring vision for change’.

“The 75-year legacy of the Estée Lauder brand shows what one visionary woman can achieve,” said Stéphane de La Faverie, Global Brand President, Estée Lauder and AERIN Beauty and Group President.

“Through the work of the Estée Lauder Emerging Leaders Fund and its programme partners, we will champion women to contribute and lead in their workplaces and communities.”

Estée Lauder has made an initial US$1m investment into the ELEL Fund, which will support mission-aligned organisations.

Vital Voices, a global non-profit that invests in women leaders, has been selected as the inaugural programme partner of the ELEL Fund, with the programme commencing in July 2022.

“At Vital Voices we have seen that women lead differently, and that difference is precisely what our world needs,” said Alyse Nelson, Vital Voices President and CEO.

“Our partnership with the Estée Lauder Emerging Leaders Fund will identify emerging leaders with a bold vision for positive change and provide them with the skills, network and resources they need to make that vision a reality.”

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ELEL is a charitable fund under the Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation.