Eco perfection: Metsä Board scores 100/100 in CDP ranking

Published: 6-Nov-2015

The packaging company is in the top ten percentile of carbon responsible companies

CDP, a UK-based organisation that works to publicise the environmental impact of companies, has scored packaging company Metsä Board 100/100 – an improvement on last year – and awarded it a position on the Nordic Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI).

Top scores such as Metsä’s most recent indicate a high level of transparency in the disclosure of climate-change related information. To be scored, Metsä had to submit data about its carbon emissions and energy usage to CDP. The data was then independently assessed using CDP's own scoring methodology. Only companies that score in the top ten percentile make it into the CDLI.

Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board, said: “Our strategy to combat climate change concentrates on three areas: increasing use of bioenergy; improving resource and energy efficiency; and lightweighting our paperboards. Inclusion in the CDLI is welcome recognition that we are communicating our efforts successfully and transparently. We gained a significant score of 100/100, improving on last year. It is also gratifying that it follows our award of a place on this year’s CDP Water A List.”

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