Dolphin skin: Can beauty brands benefit from TikTok moisturising trends?

Published: 27-Feb-2023

Beauty & wellness writer Mark Smith aks what is dolphin skin? And how can brands and retailers lean into this and similar TikTok-driven skin care terms to make the most of lucrative, but short-lived trends

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Following on from TikTok-led skin trends like 'glass skin', 'donut skin' and slugging, dolphin skin combines skin care and make-up for a wet-looking, natural shine.  

Mark Smith, beauty & wellness writer, provides his observations on the trend, and how retailers and brands can deploy existing products to help consumers achieve this and other looks.

Dolphin skin: Can beauty brands benefit from TikTok moisturising trends?Dolphin skin is a popular skin care trend seen on TikTok and Instagram that follows on from the glass skin trend and, just like it, the idea is to make the skin appear super radiant and smooth with a luminous complexion.

It evokes the idea that the skin is fresh out of the water; think a dewy complexion that is super hydrated.

While it is a natural look, it involves several different products.

Its origins are debated – and several skin care and make-up artists have been credited with its popularity.

We do know that it has truly gone viral.

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