Dermscan clinical trial in Asia

Published: 28-Jun-2016

Our offer on Asian skins keeps increasing to answer to all your trials’ needs according to Dermscan Group high quality standards and your budget

No need to present you Dermscan laboratory based in Bangkok since 2002 anymore.

Seen as THE clinical trial reference in Asia, our experience never stopped to grow. Our offer on Asian skins keeps increasing to answer to all your trials’ needs according to Dermscan Group high quality standards and your budget.

With 630 sqm of laboratories located in the famous Elephant Tower building, we evaluate the safety and efficacy of cosmetics. We also conduct clinical trials on pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices. Lately, we have performed biopsies capitalizing on our strong experience of Dermscan France.


Dermscan clinical trial in Asia

Among our standard test on Asian skins you find:

  • Patch tests
  • Use tests under dermatological, ophthalmological, gynaecological, paediatrician control
  • Makeup performance
  • Lightening studies, etc.

Dermscan clinical trial in Asia


Thanks to UV light simulators we are used to conduct solar tests on a regular basis meeting the COLIPA, JCIA and FDA regulations:

  • SPF with or without Water Resistance
  • UVA determination


Dermscan clinical trial in Asia

Dermscan Asia is no exception to Dermscan Group’s rule and takes advantage of high technology equipment. Therefore, we accurately measure changes in the characteristics and properties of the skin: moisturisation, elasticity, wrinkles, texture, colour, sebum, skin barrier protection, skin exfoliating/restructuring, pH, VISIA complexion analysis, sensory evaluation, etc.


Review of clinical signs: erythema, edema, desquamation, dryness, vesicles, roughness.

Review of functional signs: tightness, stinging, itching, warm, burning sensation.


Dermscan clinical trial in Asia

Before using the product, the ophthalmologist clinically observes with a slit lamp the state of the:

  • cornea
  • bulbar conjunctiva
  • palpebral conjunctiva
  • eyelids

At the end of the study, a new examination is done by the same ophthalmologist in order to note any change. We assess the intensity and duration of the sensations felt:

  • watering
  • blurred vision
  • itching of eyes and eyelids
  • stinging and dryness of eyes and eyelids
  • eyelid swelling
  • sensation of foreign body

Dermscan clinical trial in Asia


Is assessed after 28 days of use, in comparison with the number of lesions on the face before application (D0). On D0 and D28, the dermatologist counts blackheads and microcysts (retentional lesions) as well as papules and pustules (inflammatory lesions) on the whole face (except nasal pyramid).


Acting as CRO or CRC for stage I to IV trials of pharmaceuticals, we are in regular contact with the national ethics committee, the ethics committees of hospitals and the Thai FDA.

Dermscan clinical trial in Asia


12 qualified and experienced specialists including dermatologists, pharmacists, nurses, project management engineers, research technicians and 3 external investigators follow a strict quality management system to bring you the best benefits. All are regularly trained in new technologies in the cosmetics/pharmaceutical industry as well as new measuring instruments.

You have claims targeting Caucasian, African or Indian skins? We have ISO certified laboratories around the world: Dermscan France, Dermscan Poland, Dermscan Tunisia and international partnerships!

Please contact our sales team in order to expose your testing project:

  • For cosmetic products/ingredients:
  • For pharmaceutical products:

For more information or +33(0) 472 823 658

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