Davines launches I Sustain Beauty campaign

Published: 11-Nov-2014

Campaign celebrates brands that support sustainable beauty

Davines, an Italian hair care brand, has launched a worldwide campaign to identify and celebrate brands that support sustainable beauty.

The campaign, I Sustain Beauty, comprises three categories for 'beauty sustainers' to choose from. The first, Artistic Beauty, includes the creation and improvement of private or public objects for the purpose of decoration such as the restoration of artwork. The second, Social Beauty, includes work that aims to improve interpersonal and community relations. This covers social responsibility initiatives aimed at improving the appearance of a person or group. The third, Environmental Beauty, includes initiatives that aim to improve and enhance the environment in a private or public area such as transforming gardens or spaces that are left wild or in decay.

Davines has kickstarted the campaign by restoring three entrance hall benches located in Pallazo Contarini San Beneto in Venice.

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