Darphin Paris goes back to its roots with new brand message

Published: 28-Oct-2010

Estée Lauder brand positions skin care as an art

French beauty brand Darphin is realigning its marketing vision in a bid to attract new consumers. Established in 1958 by Pierre Darphin, the brand was acquired by Estée Lauder in 2003. New international marketing director, Helene Frey, who has previously worked with Shiseido and Christian Dior, says: “Even though the brand was founded over 50 years ago it is still resolutely contemporary”.

Now positioned as Darphin Paris, the new brand message, ‘More than skin care, an Art’, is a reference to the combination of products and application methods that make up the Darphin experience.

Frey says Darphin was the first to introduce skin care serums and while the brand has introduced a wide range of products over the years it is now returning the core focus to its eight serums which address specific skin requirements. The serums offer a personalised, prescriptive remedy to skin concerns, from sensitivity and redness to anti-ageing and hydration. It is hoped this targeted approach to skin care will appeal to consumers who are new to the Darphin brand; once they have experienced the serums it is believed they will move on to other elements of the Darphin programme, including skin and eye creams. Darphin says its existing customers are particularly brand loyal and is confident that once attracted new users will develop a similarly strong sense of brand loyalty. “Darphin offers a unique sensory experience, a privileged moment between you and your skin,” says Frey.

Professionally, Darphin products are applied using specific techniques including ‘deep massage’, a system created by Darphin himself. Consumers are now educated in this ‘hands on’ method of applying products in spa or at point of sale to maximise effectiveness and encouraging them to recreate a home spa experience. Darphin hopes the overall ‘sensory experience’ will build a strong brand loyalty with new consumers and strengthen its market share.

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