Customise your packaging products with Idealpak

Break the limits of shapes and sizes

Idealpak has over 1,000 stock moulds for you to choose from. These moulds are for jars, bottles and caps in a great variety of shapes and sizes.

If none of our existing moulds can meet your requirements, we can develop a custom mould for you. Creating your own bottle in your desired shape through Idealpak is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Break the Limits of Colors

At Idealpak, we can customise the color of all our bottles, jars, tubes and their closures into any colors.

Pop off the shelf with custom decorations

No more getting lost among the crowd. With customisation through Idealpak, your products “pop off the shelf” with a distinct shelf presence.

Idealpak has various decoration options to help boost your products’ shelf presence.

Contact Idealpak at to start your journey of custom packaging.

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