Cosphatec’s nature-compliant raw ingredients


Cosphatec was accepted as a NATRUE member in January 2021 and its raw ingredients were declared as conforming to NATRUE standards

Cosphatec GmbH, experts in natural preservatives for the cosmetics industry, is proud to announce that their raw materials officially comply with NATRUE standards.

With this additional NATRUE approval, the company underlines once again its commitment to natural and sustainable raw ingredients.

Cosphatec was accepted as a NATRUE member in January 2021 and its raw ingredients were declared as conforming to NATRUE standards. The raw ingredients which satisfy the requirements and have been approved are listed in the organisation's database and can be viewed here.

NATRUE approval is particularly advantageous for the manufacturers of the end product. It means that they no longer have to have every raw ingredient in their products tested by the organisation in order to be certified.

The raw ingredients already approved by the label are easier to select, making it easier to submit the end product for assessment. Not only is this more customer-friendly, but it also simplifies and accelerates the certification process tremendously: a service which is greatly appreciated by customers.

The international non-profit organisation NATRUE is committed to the protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics. Leading natural and organic cosmetic brands Laverana, Weleda, LOGOCOS, WALA, PRIMAVERA and CEP established the organisation with the goal of creating more transparency in an increasingly complex world of cosmetics regulation.

For an end product to be able to bear the NATRUE label, it first goes through a stringent certification process conducted by external auditors. The organisation allows only natural, naturally derived and nature-identical or near-natural ingredients.

Cosphatec is a specialist in natural and sustainable raw ingredients in the field of personal care. Since the establishment of the company, the focus has been on the stabilisation of natural preservation systems.

In doing so, they not only satisfy current cosmetic demands but also attempt to set a new standard in the cosmetics industry. Inspired by nature, the company develops and markets sustainable and skin-friendly raw ingredients. Both microbial stability and the stability for emulsions and viscosity can be guaranteed by natural alternatives.

The industry specialist’s vision is to replace both harmful and synthetic ingredients in the cosmetics industry with natural alternatives in the long term.

Accordingly, the company works with biologically degradable raw ingredients that are derived from natural and sustainable sources and are produced to the highest German quality standards. This means that the best possible effects on the skin can be guaranteed.

All of the company's products are vegan and not genetically modified. The core products are also COSMOS-compliant, as well as conforming to NATRUE standards.

The natural cosmetics specialist offers a broad product portfolio: from antimicrobial active ingredients and natural multifunctionals to antioxidants, as well as natural emulsifying and thickening agents.

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