Cosmetics texture: The element of surprise

By John Woodruff 20-Sep-2022

While texture has always been of importance to the cosmetics industry, transformational, experiential products that surprise and delight can elevate your product offer above the competition, as John Woodruff explains

Cosmetics texture: The element of surprise
Cosmetics have always been about texture; if a cosmetic is not pleasant to apply it will soon be abandoned. However, partly driven by the wish to supply more sustainable products, we are now seeing items that are transformed at the point of use. This article will look at some of the ingredients that make surprising textures.

IFF-Lucas Meyer names products that change form ‘chameleon textures’ and defines them as innovative textures to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of surprise as they change state or colour upon application or with water. In its brochure, ‘Abracadabra’, available online, it shows products already marketed that are foams-to-oil, gel-to-oil, clay-to-foam and black-ink-to-white-emulsion, and presents some example formulations.


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