Cosmetics Business hosts free DSM webinar this month


Webinar takes place on October 23rd 2018 at 2:00pm CEST

Become an expert for DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER the smartest sunscreen simulation tool!

Do you need some support in developing your sunscreen formulation? Are you in a hurry to reformulate your sun protection product?

Then join DSM's SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER webinar showcasing our free, virtual, in silico lab that lets you formulate instantly and also evaluate different UV filter combinations side-by-side.

At this webinar our experts will provide tips on how to familiarise yourself with DSM’s SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER application and, for the first time, demonstrate the principles behind the app’s calculations.

Through the use of several formulation examples, you will learn how to optimise your sunscreens efficiently, using the many useful features this tool offers.

On top of that, you will see how recently-added features open up even more possibilities for comparing different ideas. You will also learn how to create a personalised archive to store the results of your different evaluations.

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The entire application will help you save time and money when developing your own sun protection products.

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