Cosmetics Business Trends 2022: Guilt-free beauty


Cosmetics Business has relaunched its Trend Report series to bring you weekly trend insights. Today, the second of the 5 key beauty trends that will shape the industry in 2022 and beyond has been revealed

This article was originally published in the December issue of Cosmetics Business Trend Report

Cosmetics Business Trends 2022: Guilt-free beauty

In Cosmetics Business' Trend Forecast 2022 Trend #1: The application of joy, we saw how beauty's role in providing joy and escape will become more important. However, brands will increasingly need to consider how consumers’ growing concerns about the environment will affect their buying behaviour – and how they can alleviate any guilt associated with product purchases.

A recent study of young people aged 16-25 found that they are experiencing “profound psychological distress” due to climate change. The study, by The University of Bath and the Stanford Centre for Innovation in Global Health, revealed that for 45% of the 10,000 surveyed across 10 countries, anxiety over the climate crisis is even affecting their daily life.

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In 2022, brands will be challenged to work in new ways to turn consumers’ eco-guilt into eco-pride.


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