Coptis celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Published: 9-Jul-2019

Coptis, the leading Global provider of Software Solutions for Cosmetic R&D, is celebrating its 20th anniversary

Founded in 1999 by Anne Karagoz, President, the company is headquartered in Croissy sur Seine, Paris with subsidiaries in New York and Singapore.

With two decades of innovation and steady growth, the company is commemorating this milestone with customer focused events planned for various locations throughout the year. The major celebrations are happening during In-Cosmetics Global in Paris and NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in New York.

These celebrations provide an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate Coptis’ valued customers, the Coptis sales team and partners that have been integral to its global accomplishment.

“Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities and continuous evolution of our products” states President and founder Anne Karagoz.

“More than 3,000 people currently use our software worldwide, and our customer training takes place on four continents”.

The success of Coptis Lab is a direct result of a growing demand for an integrated system for formulation development and regulatory affairs designed specifically for the cosmetic industry.

Coptis offerings are further optimized by complementary products, Coptis Ingredients, Coptis Tox and Coptis Tab, developed and introduced to enhance the value of its flagship product, Coptis Lab.

The Coptis solutions are industry standard with continuous evolutions to meets user’s needs in cosmetic products development.

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