Coptis introduces new Coptis Lab Software features: The Inventory Management

Published: 9-Jul-2019

R&D Laboratory business is regularly experiencing complex challenges when it comes to managing inventory: failure to keep precise track of stock movement in and out using manual processes, lack of stock or insufficient stock when formulating, expired samples stocks causing excess inventory and reduced lab space etc.

By integrating the inventory management module in Coptis LAB, the industry’s software designed specifically for cosmetics, the Coptis solutions enable cosmetic formulators to focus on value-adding tasks, to optimize efficiency and to effectively manage development projects and reduce time-to-market.

The new Inventory Management features in Coptis Lab include:

Stock in, Stock out, Stock transfer

  • Organize stocks and avoid stock out with full traceability
  • Receive alerts on expiration date and safety stock
  • Automatically update stock while creating formulas.

Laboratory or production mode

  • Use for lab or production batches
  • Manage stock activities with users’ authorization rights.

Weighing module

  • Check lots availability prior to raw materials weighing
  • Easy selection of preferred lot
  • Deduction of weighed quantity from inventory.

The Coptis solutions are industry standard with continuous evolutions to meets user’s needs in cosmetic products development.

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