COSMOS: one of the latest features available in Coptis LAB

Published: 11-Mar-2020

The Coptis R&D system allows the management of centralised databases for substances, raw materials, formulas and packaging components.

In real time, formulators are informed of regulatory issues, brand blacklist and market constraints with automated alerts.

The COSMOS standard is another new launched feature for Coptis LAB users; they can now formulate their products in compliance with the COSMOS standard.

Coptis LAB users set the content by percentage of raw materials for:

  • CPAI: Chemically processed ingredient
  • Organic CPAI
  • PPAI: Physically processed agro-ingredient
  • Organic PPAI
  • SyMo: Synthetic moieties
  • NNI: Non-natural ingredient

With one click, the total % for organic and natural ingredients of the final formula is calculated:
% ORG PPAI, % ORG CPAI, % ORGANIC ingredients (% ORG CPAI + % ORG PPAI), % SyMo and % NATURAL ORIGIN.

The Coptis solutions are industry standard with continuous evolutions to meets user’s needs in cosmetic products development.

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