Cool things come in small packets!

Published: 13-Mar-2012

CoValence buys VXL-55 VFFS Semi-Liquid/Paste Packaging Machine

We are happy to announce that we now have a packet filling machine… VXL-55 VFFS Semi-Liquid/Paste Packaging Machine - We wish it had a cool name like, ‘The Terminator’, but its filling capabilities are cool and it will revolutionize how you spread the word about your products.

The Terminator’s (for a lack of a better name) all stainless steel construction of the packet machine meets the cGMP’s high standards, which we take seriously at CoValence. It fills 55 packets per minute and includes an easy tear cut feature for easy opening. Packet material used can include BOPP film, polyester, aluminum paper and other sealable laminates and complex films. The packet length can be adjusted and the machine will emboss up to nine characters for batch stamping purposes.

From lip creams to hair oils or face serums to body creams we can fill almost anything into sample size packets. You can also customize your packets to meet the needs of your business if you are marketing your business for a tradeshow or a product launch.

Please ask one of our Sales or Account Executives about this exciting new way to promote your products at +1 480.897.0551 or

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