Collaboration is key in helping beauty brands to grow, says Cygnia

Published: 10-Aug-2020

Collaboration and partnership is the key for beauty brands looking to scale up their ecommerce capabilities and grow in the fast-changing beauty market. At Cygnia, we focus on building long-term relationships to help beauty brands worldwide to achieve this.

The Covid-19 pandemic has served to further strengthen that partnership approach, as we help brands to adapt to the operational realities of servicing customers in a market where ecommerce sales have doubled, and safety has become paramount.

Beauty brands represent close to 50% of our business, and, as such, we have been able to help beauty businesses thrive in the demanding influencer-driven and fast moving beauty markets.

The focus is on agile service, tailored specifically to each individual brand’s requirements, whether that’s volume deliveries to high street stores or responsive fulfilment to meet the micro-peaks driven by vloggers on Instagram or other social media channels.

In 2020, Cygnia has helped brands respond in real-time to changes in consumer behaviour, disruption to supply chains and the continuing shift to online sales.

Working with well-known beauty brands as diverse as Molton Brown, B4Beauty, Feelunique, KAO and Revolution Beauty, we understand how important it is that these brands are trusted by their customers to get things right.

There are many challenges in today’s tough retail market, and logistics has a vital role to play in creating a brand experience that customers return to again and again.

The rapid shift online is a challenge for major brands, and we have worked to help our customers embrace the opportunity to align service delivery across both B2B and B2C, so they can adapt and continue to serve their customers, via whatever channel they choose, both now and in the future.

To help ensure a continuous communication between the team and customers and maintain a positive service experience, whilst keeping our teams safe, we have changed some operations to use online technology, adjusted shift patterns, switched to more flexible delivery times and ensured access to accurate information at all times.

Service and quality are an important part of the customer experience for beauty brands, and we work hard with our customers to get fulfilment and delivery performing consistently, including through peak periods of demand.

From an operational perspective, we provide expertise batch control, lot control, best before date management and temperature monitoring.

The beauty industry is one where vloggers and influencers can create mini-peaks in demand. Our ability to manage these successfully has resulted in flourishing brand partnerships, which are capable of responding to increases in sales, driven by online reviews, social media influencers, planned promotional campaigns and seasonal milestones.

This established collaborative approach has served us well in helping beauty brands deal effectively, efficiently and rapidly with changes in customer demand and operations, as a result of the pandemic.

Despite the phased emergence from lockdown and the opening up of retail, there is still a great deal of uncertainty and we have a crucial role to play in proactively helping our customers to navigate these changes smoothly.

Working in the beauty sector has shown how we can successfully hone our offer to meet one of the most demanding online retail segments through one of its most challenging years.

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