Codif unveils self-esteem boosting active skin care ingredient

Published: 2-Jul-2020

EPS Seaglow shown to improve skin vascularisation, and increase user optimism and self-esteem

The trend for active skin care ingredients that boost optimism and wellbeing continues apace with the launch of EPS Seaglow from Codif.

As we age, skin vascularisation is altered due to a progressive decrease in the formation of new blood vessels. This, says Codif, can result in many consumers observing a ‘paler’ complexion.

Because of its specific composition of sulfated sugars, EPS Seaglow helps revive the ‘rosy tone’ of skin for a brighter and fresher complexion.

The ingredient, which is obtained from a marine microorganism isolated in Brittany, France, has been shown to improve skin vascularisation, with a ‘rosy tone’ observed by 90% of volunteers.

It also increased volunteers’ optimism by up to six times versus placebo, while doubling volunteers’ self-esteem versus placebo.

Codif’s EPS Seaglow comes hot on the heels of other ‘happiness boosting’ materials, including Provital’s anti-ageing active ingredient Wonderage. Here, Provital employed artificial intelligence to back claims of a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.

Sederma, meanwhile, used voice and wording analysis to demonstrate users' improved emotional states following a trial of its Synchrolife anti-fatigue product.

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