Codif Technologie Naturelle announces EPS SEAGLOW at in-cosmetics Virtual

Published: 15-Sep-2020

EPS SEAGLOW is an ExoPolySaccharide (EPS) with the rare specificity to be composed of sulphated sugars

During their oceanic expeditions, our scientists have collected more than 700 planktonic microorganisms, only 40 of which are able to synthesis an EPS, and only one which can produce an EPS with sulphated sugars.

Sulphated EPS are very rare and for this reason their biological properties have not yet been clearly elucidated. But in 2016, researchers of East China University of Science and Technology have highlighted the properties of a sulphated sugar which allow it to act in synergy with AGF to promote tissue vascularisation.

Good for your skin

Skin vascularisation is altered during ageing, due to a progressive decrease in the formation of new blood vessels, which can lead to a pale complexion.

Thanks to its specific composition, EPS SEAGLOW acts from the inside to promote skin vascularisation and allows to revive the natural rosy tone in certain skin types for a brighter and fresher complexion. Rosy tone effect observed for 90% of volunteers.

Good for your mind

With ageing, a decrease in skin microcirculation means a loss of rosy tone. And complexion has been shown to be one of the main attributes related to perceived age.

For mature skin, the reactivation of a natural rosiness in certain skin types is a powerful confidence boost. By boosting optimism (×6) and self-esteem (×2), EPS SEAGLOW empowers women to feel more confident in their own skin. Each day is a “Good Skin Day”.

Good for the planet

Obtained from a marine planktonic micro-organism isolated in Brittany and now cultivated, the EPS is then purified by a clean transformation process. It is 100% natural, sustainable and green; COSMOS/ECOCERT approved.

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