Clean Beauty brand empowering consumers to refuse microplastics

Beauty Cleanse Skincare aims to avoid microplastics in their products during Plastic Free July and beyond

This July, Beauty Cleanse Skincare has decided to empower its community by sharing the importance of refusing microplastics inside their products and start a new plastic-free revolution in beauty industry.

Plastics in the environment is a huge issue, there’s no doubt about it. When consumers look to buy plastic free beauty, they are usually thinking of single-use plastic packaging, scrubs and exfoliating products.

But no one seems to think about hidden plastic inside their ingredients – synthetic polymers in liquid or semi-liquid form that are equally undesirable.

While Plastic Free July is a great time to push the awareness of single-use plastics, we cannot ignore the damaging impacts of microplastics in our oceans, water and on our health.

Synthetic polymers are still used in the majority of mainstream cosmetics because most people are simply unaware they’re there and haven’t called for change.

With over 1.5 million microplastics found in popular anti-aging products, the beauty industry plays a big part in plastic pollution and marine debris.

We are here to change this norm by working alongside Plastic Soup Foundation – an organisation that takes action to save our oceans from plastic pollution and, stop it from turning into a big pot of plastic soup.

Saman Ali, the founder of Beauty Cleanse Skincare explains: "We believe when it comes to clean beauty, we need to think about the product in its entirety.

"This means that the environmental impact of a product’s ingredients as well as its packaging must be considered. It’s not enough to stick a ‘clean beauty’ logo onto a product but not consider the thousands of microplastics inside that are just as damaging to the environment. Its what’s inside that counts too!.

We are proud to say that all products at Beauty Cleanse Skincare are free-from plastics and certified with Zero-Plastic Inside by Plastic Soup Foundation.

It shows our commitment to manufacturing natural, vegan and organic cosmetics with Zero Plastic Inside.

We only use ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin and support the integrity of our formulations, without leaving a negative impact on the planet.

The brand believes in minimalist and results-driven approach that supports a healthy skin barrier function without cluttering up the bathroom and the landfills. It says to deal with the catastrophic effects associated with plastic waste, we must address the wasteful consumption habits and always try a minimalist (reduce) approach to simplify our beauty routines.