Chemical manufacturer BASF expands to meet rising global demand

By Becky Bargh 1-Feb-2018

The US-based manufacturer will expand its production capacity at sites in China and the US

US-based chemical manufacturer BASF is set to enlarge its alkyl polyglucosides (APG) production capacity by extending into China and the US.

This is in order to meet growing global demand and to ease the capacity concerns at the APG plant in Dusseldorf in Germany, which currently employs over 52,000 people.

The new US site will be built in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is set to launch this year; meanwhile, the Chinese development will open in 2019.

Scott Thomson, BASF’s Senior Vice President for Care Chemicals North America, said: “APG demand continues to grow through North America and the capacity expansion of APG plant in Cincinnati as BASF’s commitment to better serve our North American customers.

“This investment will give us an opportunity to further add value to our customers’ formulations with natural, renewable feedstock-based mild surfactants for various personal and home care applications.”

APG is a chemical compound derived from sugars and fatty alcohols widely used in cosmetics and personal care.

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Particularly, the compound is used for mildness and foam improvement in products such as facial and body washes and shampoo.

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