Cell’intact: the solution for facing up to urban lifestyle and pollution


ID bio unveils its latest active ingredient

During the recent In-Cosmetics show in Barcelona, the company has unveiled new studies carried out on its latest active ingredient extracted from buckwheat seeds, Cell’intact. These complementary results answer the consumers’ request to fight against urban pollution and cutaneous aggressions linked.

Nowadays, we are facing a growing and worrying phenomenon; more and more cities are concerned by pollution peaks due to the gradual increase of people living in urban areas and to the development of manufacturing companies. The skin is steadily exposed, additionally to sun rays, to various pollutants and particulate matter (PM) that increase cutaneous inflammation and contribute to accelerate cutaneous ageing.

In light of this alarming observation, ID bio has decided to carry on new studies on its latest active ingredient Cell’intact.

An ex vivo evaluation, has been realised on reconstructed epidermis to prove its efficiency in presence of a pollutant (benzo[a]pyrene).

The ingredient enables to:

• reduce the pro-inflammatory answer by acting on interleukin-8 (IL-8), a marker protein that overreacts in case of pollution and leads to cutaneous discomfort
Cell’intact at 3% enables to reduce by -26,2% the IL-8 release against polluted control
>> The skin is less reactive and cells are 'zen', relaxed

• rebuild and reinforce the architectural epidermis network via the protection of tight junctions’ proteins (Claudins-1 and -4) to avoid premature ageing
>> Skin is more resistant to aggressions (exhaust gases, industrial smokes, tobacco, etc) and ageing signs are kept away

Those results show the large scope of intervention of the active ingredient that creates a complete and natural shield against pollution and environmental attacks. A preventive and restorative action ideal in protective cares for face and body.

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*1 INCI : Aqua (and) Polygonum Fagopyrum Seed Extract
Active ingredient already revealed for its antioxidant action, against UV and phytochemical aggressions.