Cargill Beauty showcases BB and hair texturisers at in-cosmetics Latin America

Published: 28-Sep-2017

Ingredients supplier exhibits nature-derived texturisers and announces opening of new application centre in Brazil

Cargill Beauty was present for the first time at in-cosmetics Latin America, in Sao Paulo.

At the show, Cargill Beauty highlighted its unique nature-derived texturisers offering alternative solutions to synthetic polymers.

Actigum VSX 20 is a sustainable, safe, simple, versatile and affordable solution as BB cream texturiser. Also offering an optimised combination of sustainable carrageenans, Satiagel VPC 512 is a hair texturiser that acts a film former to deliver a clear styling gel with light to medium hold and curl retention.

To better serve its Latin America’s customers and initiate new collaborations with all brand manufacturers, Cargill Beauty also announced it is opening a new application centre in Brazil. The lab will be part of the Cargill Innovation Center facility in Campinas.

Cargill said that millennials and premium buyers are looking for transparency and authenticity on one hand and, on the other, expect new meaningful experiences.

As the focus on health and sustainability grow, it noted that consumers are increasingly on the lookout for products that are safer and friendly to them and to the environment.

Cargill stated: “We privilege the use of green chemistry and biotechnologies. Finally, we transpose our knowledge from products to sustainable, simple, versatile, safe & affordable systems thanks to unique expertise in natural formulations. At each step, we build our proposal with unique market intelligence and big data management. These foundations will allow us to become the best partner for today’s and tomorrows sustainable challenges.”

Cargill Beauty’s portfolio is composed of texturisers, emollients, emulsifiers, sensory enhancers and actives that can be used to develop nature-based products in skin, hair, colour and oral care.

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