Genomatica partners with Cargill on renewable BDO commercial plant

Published: 18-Jun-2021

Licensing of technology will see capacity soar to 100,000 tons per year

Californian biotech company Genomatica has licensed its GENO BDO biomanufacturing process technology to Cargill, which is using its new joint venture with HELM, Qore, to produce renewable 1,4-butanediol (BDO).

The technology for the BDO production facility will be a part of a recently announced US$300m investment by Cargill and HELM at the biotechnology campus in Eddyville, Iowa.

With the completion of this facility in 2024, Genomatica’s technology will enable a combined, global production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year of renewable BDO.

“Innovations and creative partnerships are essential for the realisation of new and improved value chains to meet the ever-rising demand for more sustainable solutions that consumers, brands and our planet need,” said Christophe Schilling, Genomatica CEO.

“We are pleased to supply our innovative sustainable technology to Cargill and HELM, whose venture and complementary strengths are ideally suited to do just that — ensure that an essential chemical found everywhere from our shoes and clothes to our cars will be produced in a superior way with a far lower environmental impact.”

“Sustainable chemicals are quickly becoming table stakes for our customers and our investments will enable the chemicals industry to embrace new markets with the materials consumers are demanding from companies they trust,” added Jill Zullo, Vice President, Biointermediates/Bioindustrial at Cargill.

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