CODIF TN launches two new natural ingredients for skin aging

Published: 29-Mar-2019

During this 2019 edition of IN COSMETICS Global, CODIF Technologie Naturelle, laboratory at the forefront of innovation in the development of innovative and differentiating cosmetic active ingredients from marine, plant and biotechnological sources, will present 2 newest launches to fight against skin aging.

GOLDELLA – Inflammaging / wrinkles / regeneration
Goldella is obtained from a strain of Chlorella vulgaris, an extremely resistant unicellular alga that appeared 2.5 billion years ago in the freshwater reservoirs of the planet. Picked up and isolated from an arm of the Niyodo River in Japan's Kochi Prefecture, chlorella is now grown in Brittany, heterotrophically in air lift bioreactors. CODIF Technologie Naturelle used all its expertise to extract a precious oil with regenerating virtues.

Rich in lutein, an essential natural antioxidant, Goldella nourishes and protects the tissues from the harmful action of free radicals and their effects on aging. Tested on volunteers, it improves the texture homogeneity of the skin, decreases the surface and the amount of wrinkles.

DETOXONDRIA – oxygenation / tiredness / luminosity
To answer the problems of cellular senescences, our laboratories have developed a biotechnological extract of Rhodella violacea. This micro-alga of red-violet color, has a perfect resistance to oxidative damage by producing catalases and peroxidases. In addition to stimulating its intracellular defenses, rhodella reacts by producing a unique exopolysaccharide.

Detoxondria enhances cellular detoxification capabilities through the recycling of metabolic waste as well as enhancement of the mitochondrial footprint and network.

In parallel, it ameliorates the mitopathy perfomance index, a sign of a process of cellular rejuvenation. By promoting skin oxygenation, Detoxondria improves the homogeneity and luminosity of the complexion, the skin looks detoxified and revitalized.

CODIF Technologie Naturelle booth number at IN COMSETICS Global 2019 : C110.

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