Boldness. Bravery. Boss Vibes

Published: 8-Aug-2023

Asquan understands that first impressions matter, and their lip-centric packaging is here to make a statement

Aquan's library of lipstick and lipgloss packs is wide and extensive. From standard to unique materials, to shape and size - they have what you need. Looking for sustainability? Asquan has styrene free, PCR possible, mono material, and rechargeable packs that fit the bill.

Embrace the power of customisation with Asquan's lipstick and lipgloss packaging options. From bold and vibrant colours to soft and subtle hues, their packaging choices cater to your unique brand. Whether you prefer a classic black, elegant matte textures, or sleek metallic finishes, they have the deco capabilities to match your brand language.

Asquan's packaging embodies the spirit of a true Lip Boss, ready to conquer the world, one lip at a time. Check out all of these packs and more!

Check out our lipsticks packs here!

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Boldness. Bravery. Boss Vibes




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