Ball Aerocan and Nussbaum win AEROBAL awards


Printing and embossing technologies recognised

Awards for this year’s World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award competition have been presented to Ball Aerocan and Nussbaum. Ball Aerocan and Nussbaum win AEROBAL awards The competition, organised by the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) recognised Ball Aerocan’s G.Bellini 200ml for German customer Dalli Win, in the category of ‘can already on the market’. The can design combines deep embossing with a print that exactly matches the embossed contours for a unique visual effect and a pleasant tactile experience.

Meanwhile, Nussbaum won the ‘prototype’ category with its Brilliant 50 x 156 option. Here, for the first time, the application of high gloss printing foil is fully integrated in the manufacturing process of cylindrical aluminium aerosols. A high gloss foil, consisting of several different layers, is positioned during the pre printing process.

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The carrier material provides stability, while the release layer connects all other layers with the carrier material and separates from the carrier when heating during printing. Next is the transparent varnish layer followed by the aluminium layer, which provides a metallic mirror effect. Finally, the adhesive layer is activated by heat during the print process. It ensures that the different layers are fixed to the can. Meanwhile, the entire decoration is covered by a glossy over varnish, which provides protection during the necking process, transport and handling.

The judging panel comprised nine leading international trade journals for packaging and cosmetics, including SPC.