BEAUTYLAB launches new Dual Action Fruit Acid Cleanser Mask

Published: 8-Oct-2021

Cleanses, exfoliates and refines, for fresh-faced radiance

Formulated to achieve ‘more with less’, BeautyLab has launched a new Dual Action Fruit Acid Cleanser Mask that both simplifies and amplifies the skin care routine.

For instantly fresh, glowing and more even skin, the gentle yet high-impact, multi-tasking product combines a perfectly balanced blend of fruit acids that frees the skin of impurities, exfoliates, softens and refines.

Without leaving the skin feeling dried or stripped, the product thoroughly cleanses, removes excess oil, lifts away dead cells and encourages cell turnover. It works to improve the appearance of pores, dullness, unevenness and fine lines, while also helping to prevent pesky breakouts. The complexion is left smoother, brighter and healthier looking.

The vegan-friendly product can be used as a cleanser once a day (AM or PM) and/or as a mask twice a week.

Key actives include:


  • Glycolic acid works to relieve blockages and congestion, helps to retexturise and reveals skin with less pigmentation and fewer irregularities
  • Citric acid works to promote collagen and fade discolouration, acts as an astringent and helps to minimise the appearance of pores
  • Lactic acid moisturises, supports collagen and elastin, softens fine lines, helps to fade dark spots and improves the appearance of skin texture
  • Tartaric acid helps to boost elasticity, offers antioxidant benefits and helps to strengthen the ability of the other acids.

Fruit extracts

  • Passion fruit is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, hydrates the skin and helps to increase firmness and plumpness
  • Pineapple is packed with vitamin C, enzymes and antioxidants, supports collagen production and promotes skin glow
  • Grape provides emollient and hydrating properties, encourages moisture retention and nourishes and conditions the skin.

The cleanser mask is ideal for all skin types, including skin that is dull, blemish-prone, uneven, exposed to urban pollution or in need of protection from premature ageing.

As with all of the products in the brand’s Essential Skincare collection, the Dual Action Fruit Acid Cleanser Mask is suitable for combining with other BeautyLab ranges.

Available: 8 Oct 2021
100ml / £29 RRP

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