BASF’s Castaline launched for atopic-prone skin

By Julia Wray 11-Jan-2022

The natural and organic ingredient is derived from French chestnut leaves

BASF’s Castaline launched for atopic-prone skin

BASF is improving the appearance of skins that are prone to atopy with new active ingredient Castaline.

The 100% natural and organic ingredient, derived from French chestnut leaves, helps support the skin’s barrier function with visible and tangible effects.

Since the leaves are carefully collected from young trees that do not bear fruit, their use can be considered as valorisation of an agricultural by-product, said BASF.

Atopic-prone skins are characterised by a vicious cycle of immunological abnormalities that break down barrier functions, causing itchiness and redness, and which often lead to a loss of confidence, as well as microbial dysbiosis due to a prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus.

In a double-blind, randomised in vivo study conducted under dermatological control, 22 female and male adults with dry skin and a mild-to-moderate EASI (Eczema Area and Severity Index) score applied a base cream emulsion inspired by an established market reference product for very dry skin on one arm or hand, and the same emulsion containing 2% Castaline on the other arm or hand.

After 56 days, the product containing 2% Castaline delivered a 27% decrease in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) compared to 18% when using the base cream alone.

Additionally, the average EASI score decreased by 43% using Castaline.

Moreover, in a self-assessment conducted at the end of the 56-day study, 82% of participants stated that their skin looked more hydrated, and 73% said Castaline increased softness and achieved a soothing effect.

For in vitro testing, researchers at BASF developed a 3D model of inflamed epidermis in the presence of S. aureus and a specific inflammatory cocktail of cytokines identified in the acute phase of this skin condition.

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Studies on this model confirmed that Castaline helps support the skin’s natural immune, microbial and physical barriers.

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