BASF launches fucoidan-rich algae extract for a refreshed eye contour

By Julia Wray 24-Aug-2021

Seanactiv has been found to improve the appearance of the eye area in as little as one week

The eye area is often the first part of the body to reveal visible signs of fatigue, stress, unhealthy lifestyles and ageing.

In response, BASF has introduced an algae extract claiming to refresh and revitalise the eye contour.

Called Seanactiv, the ingredient harnesses the power of Fucus vesiculosus fucoidan to limit visible signs of ageing and fatigue around the eye area.

Algae are photosynthetic organisms that can grow under extreme conditions. Due to tidal activity, Fucus vesiculosus spends equal amounts of time underwater as it does on rock or sand, making it resistant to different conditions and temperature variations.

The seaweed used in Seanactiv is harvested manually in line with good collection practices that ensure regeneration of the biomass, and it is extracted via a gentle selective process that concentrates on the active fucoidan molecules.

In a clinical study featuring 24 healthy female volunteers aged between 18 and 65, Seanactiv formulated at just 1% in a cream was shown to improve the appearance of dark circles within just one week, with a decrease in skin pigmentation intensity of 11%.

At the same time, skin roughness was reduced by 14%, leading to a visually perceptible improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles.

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It also improved the skin luminosity of the eye area, for a fresher, healthier look.

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